Thursday, 24 July 2014

Real men are different

Here we are again, presented with Barto non-stop Zoro-senpai mantra.

That's why he is a likable character. He is just too adorable to be ignored. And one of the best allies in this arc.


Anyway, nothing about Law's past, much to my disappointment. grr... how long should I wait ah? This is torturing you know Oda... torturing... But nevermind.

But Law really has changed. Getting himself into this kind of argument. Like, you know, counting how long have you been holding a grudge against that Doffy... he wants some part of it too.







the beast!

Real man speaks less

That manliness... just shows that, he didn't take Pica seriously from the very beginning.

Pica is going to shit his pants.. err.. does he even have one?

One Piece chapter 754

P/S: '3'

Warning Shots:

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