Monday, 7 March 2011

Test the functionality of your ANTIVIRUS

1. Open Notepad program.
2. Copy paste below code and save the file with your desire name. (e.g : abc). It is recommended to save it as executable file such as "virus.exe".


Remember to select "All files" in the "Save as type" field. This how the file looks like;

Wait after a while and the AV windows pops up.

You can also save as "txt" file but you need to scan the text file manually.

* If your antivirus can detect this file as a virus, that means your AV is working just fine provided that your AV supports the EICAR test file.

* This test file allows you to test your AV software without using the real computer virus.

 If your AV does not detect it, just delete the file. It has no use at all. Do not worry! it is COMPLETELY HARMLESS.

Editted : 
22 September 2013

Warning Shots:


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