Thursday, 13 November 2014

Time changes everything: A beautiful story of two men

All about Corazon and Law

Not a very good impression for the first meeting huh?

I can see I-don’t-give-a-fuck look on Law’s face

That face... lol. Did he really want to see Doffy kick Cora's ass?

At least this little brat knew how to return a favor.


And that moment...
Just that moment he realized how vulnerable Law was.
He knew it!

So the love bloomed...

Repeat that look

I bet, Law knew he was a marine but still...

し     ん!
this is just so precious

That's harsh Tora-0...

Yeah... use that magic Law! But it didn't work that way.

He loves Cora... He so loves him

"Because, if you ever think of me in the future... I want you to remember me smiling"

Yeah... he smiled!

"Oi, Law... I love you"
That's sweet :3


The person he cherished the most
That look when he talked about him... what a memory

Beautiful! Just beautiful
This is so beautiful

One Piece/ ch.761-767   / Trafalgar Law/ Donquixote Rocinante

p/s: so many feels

Warning Shots:


  1. x baca manga.. tapi dah boleh agak, nnti mesti akan ada cerita pasal background law...


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