Saturday, 21 September 2013

Unhide hidden files -another solution-

Ever since I posted this, I have been shot with various questions which I hardly ever answered. I didn't think far ahead about other possible problems that might arise  regarding this issue. Some people still have problem when it comes to this. I know all problems have solution but not all the solutions can solve the problem. So we need to have another plan as long as we still have choices. It looks like, I still need to learn more about this matter. Well, anyway, let's have a look at all the problems that might be occurred that I have neglected.

So far, these are the issues. And the only solution I gave was this.

I also have found another simple solution. 
It may apply to those who can't open the cmd for i-don't-know-the-reason, or those who have difficulty to understand what I wrote back then (though I think I wrote it simple and plain) that they can't get the same result as the other had.

First, open the
NOTEPAD. Then, type,

attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

Then save it as whatever-name-you-desire.bat (eg: unhide.bat).

You'll have this kind of file.

It is better to save and locate the file into the infected folder/ usb drive or you can save it somewhere else and then copy the file to the infected folder.

After that, double click the new batch file and... MAGIC!

Just for reminder, don't copy the file in your system folder or else, when you run this file, it will cause all the suppose hidden folders to be shown. It is safe to save & keep it in the desktop.

Aaand, some credits go to certain readers. Thanks for sharing your thought about this matter ~(^.^~)(~^.^)~


Say, this did not work the way it's supposed to, then you can either download any softwares to recover hidden files such as Altap Salamander ~I used this, long time ago, you can rely on it~, iReset ~i never try this~, or whatever software which I believe you can find if you search for it or format the drive ~as last resort~.

P/S : Seriously, my blog is full of crap!

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  1. thnx... really helpful!

  2. thank you so much your a saviour :) :)

  3. You, Sir, are a gentleman!

  4. Thanks man!!! this is the answer i'm searching for.

  5. why i still can not do that? when finish copy and double click to my infected folder, the content only unhide,bar file

    1. Have you scanned the folder with antivirus first?

      If that is so, then try this instead >><<

  6. itss realyyy helpfull.. thnx aloot

  7. yes this really help, thanks a lot

  8. tnx sir..really help

  9. Dude, you are awesome. It helped. You rock.

  10. tq bro.. its really help me to find myimportant file..:) tq so much


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