Monday, 15 August 2011


Delete Files Permanently

If you are the kind of people who are "quite" lazy to check on your recycle bin for some time. Then this is a very suitable way for you to delete your unnecessary files all at once. Super extremely simple, al u hafta do is hold "SHIFT" key and then hit "DELETE". Very the simple.
Ahh, you can also, drag the file to the Recycle bin, then hold SHIFT key. It also works. Believe me!  ~For those who had known this, just shut up! soshite die!~

 See.. see.., i'm deleting the virus files but i just drag the file and hold shift key. i don't want it to stay in my recycle bin. lalala~~

 When i delete any of my files, i will tend to use this shift delete key because it's very easy. When i select the files, my finger will automatically ~how the hell it can be happening?~ press shift and delete button.

But, just for your information, delete only really really really really unnecessary files such as empty folders.  ~if you accidentally delete your files, don't put the blame on me, your hand is the one working, not mine~  Teehee~

P/S: Sometimes, i accidentally delete my very important files because i tend to use this shortcut to delete my files. Sometimes, it's kinda frustrating.
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