Friday, 29 July 2011

The time is almost come!!

Duh!! don't know but i kinda feel a little bit... it's indescribable. ~more to say, i don't have the right word  to put here~

I might not the only one who felt this way, maybe the other trainees also feel the same ~who knows~

MCMF will officially be ended tomorrow! The time has to come and it's finally come. Yeyaah!! Graduation Day.. Pheww,, aku lega.. lega.. dan sangatlah lega. no more butterfly in my stomach ~all the bad momento will be throwing away |haktuih!| ah! i'm spitting~

No more morning exercise, no more singing, no more games, may no longer meet with those friends, no more tasks and assignments, no more formal attire everyday, no more jokes from someone else be heard, no more..., no more... so many things started with no more. but i just don't want to type it anymore ~it's a pain in the ass typing you know~.

But whatever 'no more it is', life must go on, people!. Just a reminder, we have our own path to walk on. We have our own goal/s ~ah! i remember i have another task--> send email to Bhanu for the goal/s thing/s~ This is just the beginning for tomorrow. Tomorrow is just another day. And it will lead us to our very own future.

Anyway, Good luck for the interview to you all.~including me okay~

MCMF Borneo 2011. UMS Batch 2

~So you can REMEMBER them~


Credit to Lisa Yambau for the pics. TQ
P/S: we have facebook anyway, even the faces are not seen, we still can contact each other. though it may not be the same. Teehee~
Warning Shots:


  1. Congratulations, now your gonna embark in another awsome journey

    Good luck

  2. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious memory...


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