Monday, 16 December 2013

Never get bored

As always, every weekend, I'll watch One Piece.

One Piece 625.
(animated images)

And Aokiji...

Oops >> brainfarts <<
Dunno what's inside his little head.

He's really a comic relief character.


Heh! Sanji's face
 No wonder. That little guy got special attention from Nami-swann.

And this >> little pervert <<... -_-
 Unfortunately, it doesn't look so epic as in the manga.


Oh! and let's not forget this Shurororo guy.

And, Sanji cold treatment.

P/S : Next week, it's a filler episode, for two weeks, maybe. But I don't mind because one piece fillers are not some craps just like naruto or bleach or fairy tail certain anime.
Warning Shots:


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