Monday, 28 October 2013

I'm so gonna be rich

You've won $ 1 500 000 ~woah~

Conformable Bank Draft of $750 000 ~yeay~

You've won a prize money of 500 000 Pounds ~lucky~
I have this in my INBOX. Not my SPAM BOX. Technology advanced.
I heard a story of how certain people lost their money in their account because they gave their confidential details to this scumbag. I don't know why but why believe in such a thing? Did they ever think? They are using bait and switch tactic, FYI.

This is what you called Scam Email. It's almost the same as Phishing Mail. 

How it works?

You received this kind of email. If you responded by giving your details, that means you are giving away your personal details, personal banking details, passport/ID card no, and the worst, credit cards information for them to steal and use it for their own good.

They might;-
- Use your credit cards. Then the bills is yours to take.
- Take out loans using your name and never pay. And you'll have to pay.
- Commit crimes and you'll take the responsibilities.
- Open an account you never know
- And any other things you never know and don't even want to know.

People out there... just a lil' bit of friendly advice. Never believe in such an eyecatching offer. That's why this kind of message stays in your spam box. Never respond to any of this scam.

Remember!! If you can gain money that easily, you wouldn't work that hard to earn.

If all these were true, I'm gonna be a millionaire in a blink of an eye.

Dear peeps, Beware of Scam Email!!!

Warning Shots:


  1. i'll ignore email from those who r not trusted

    1. & that'll be much better. at least, u hv precaution :)

  2. Haha! Seronoknya kalau semua tu betul kan. :)

    1. tulah! hadiah lumayan sangat. berangan je la jawabnya...

  3. Sangat menyemak kan inbox gggggggrrrr

    1. betul! kadang2 ni lagi bnyk dr important mesej.


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