Monday, 16 December 2013

The debt...

How much is the debt?

First victim : Zoro

She voluntarily lent Zoro some money.

Episode 48

And then use it against him.

Episode 66

Ouch! That pride

Zoro is so ungentleman...

Chapter 111

The debt also had been brought up once in episode 102 (filler). 

The debt is a taboo


Second  victim : Luffy

Episode 88

That naive Luffy....

28,800 -> 100,00... that's way too unreasonable

Chapter 150


Third victim : Sanji

Episode 588
Nami inside Franky

Sanji inside Nami 
And Chopper inside Sanji

Chapter 663

I didn't know that she kept the record in a notepad...

P/S : That debt thing no longer been brought up... Did they pay her back?
Warning Shots:

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