Saturday, 14 December 2013

When the brain farts

Know what it means?

It happens when you suddenly lost all your thought for a moment. That's what you called "Brain fart".

Brainfart causes instant forgetfulness. You'll temporarily lose your sense of logic and do "dumb" things. It happens just like that without warning, like naturally, but you'll realize it some time later.

"It's unpredictable, unpreventable and universal" according to Louie Pierson, 2003.

Several "Common Brain farts" that you might have experienced;-

1. Forget what you want to say in a first place.

2. You realized it's blackout, but you still turn on the light when you enter the toilet.

3. Trying to remember the exact spelling of certain COMON... COMMEN.... COMMON words... 

4. You don't even know why are you there.

5. Staring at an object and recalling the name of the object.

6. Forgetting the things you want to search on google.

7. Pushing the door when the sign says "pull" and vice versa.

8. Checking your fridge for foods... and rechecking after 5 minutes.

9. Forgetting your own age, even worse, your own name.

10. "Where are my keys?" well... in your hand, dear!

11. Or, looking for your glasses when you are wearing them.

12. Walking into a room and forgot what you want to do.

13. Checking your watch and rechecking it again... 

14. You put your food in a microwave and then you forgot where you put them.

15. Panicking because you thought you lost your I-phone when actually you are listening to it.

16. B R A I N F A R T S

17. Brainfart

18. Brain...

19. Fart...

20. ...

21. Oi! What's that?

and the lists go on and on...

Well, it does happen to you, no?

P/S ; Even having brainfart while typing this! -_-

Warning Shots:


  1. sakit hati kalau jadi masa dalam dewan exam.. heheh..
    rasa geram gila.. penat2 hafal, soalan target keluar sebijik2, tapi lupa langsung point nk jawab..

    1. Hahaha... perah otak mcm mn pun, mesti x ingat lagi...


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