Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Minum milo anda...

A. Jadi sihat dan kuat

B. Bersemangat juara 

C. M E N G A N T U K pula...

* you sang, didn't you?

Alas, both A & B don't apply to me. C does.

Meh... I just realized it at one time, I ordered hot milo, after 5 minutes or so, I was so damn tired and sleepy.

To prove my own theory, some days later, I went to order hot milo... and I got the same result. 

Again, everytime I went to restaurant, I would order hot/ cold milo just to see whether it gave me the same effect.

After several "researches"... it is proven that, whenever I drink milo, I'll feel tired and sleepy. My sister too, she said she'll feel sleepy after drinking milo.

So I will always avoid hot/cold milo and order hot tea or coffee instead, like an old lady I am.

But, if I make my own, the effects is reversed or ceased to none. Why? because I don't really make it sweet that's why. Maybe that's the reason.

If I were to explain it scientifically, no one will read. I know. So better shaddap and silance~.

Ugh... I'm not promise but i'll post the answer when I have the mood ~When is that?~  or maybe not.

P/S : Why the hell I pick Milo as a subject. Milo isn't my favourite drink though.

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