Monday, 6 June 2011

Another computer tips~

Create HIBERNATION shortcut
Hibernate feature saves everything in memory on disk, turns off the monitor + hard disc and then turns the computer off.
It takes longer to bring the computer out of hibernation than out of standby.
To create a shortcut, follow these simple~really?~ steps:-

1. Right click on an empty space on the DESKTOP and select NEW --> SHORTCUT.
2. In the "type the location of the item" box, type:

rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll SetSuspendState

3. Click the NEXT button. In the "type a name for this shortcut" box, type 'HIBERNATE' then click FINISH button.

* Everytime you want to put your computer/ pc into hibernate mode, just click the shortcut -for instant-

Bringing Up SHUTDOWN dialog Box
This small script ~used to play scripting a lot when i was in sem 4~ can bring up the Shutdown Dialog Box.

1. Open NOTEPAD.
2. Copy below line;-

(new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application")).ShutdownWindows();

3. Paste the line into the NOTEPAD and then save it as *js file (extension must be .js), For example [shutdown.js]. ~Get it or ot?~

* Double clicking on the file is same as clicking on TURN OFF COMPUTER.

Creating a SHUTDOWN shortcut (FOR XP only)

Win XP has a program called SHUTDOWN.EXE which allows the user to easily create shortcut to shutdown or restart the computer. ~not really sure if Win7 has it~

1. Right click on the desktop.
2. Click NEW --> SHORTCUT
3. Enter in "shutdown -s -t 00" (without quotes)
4. press NEXT

5. Save it as whatever name you desire (e.g: mataikau) and click FINISH.


Either click on desktop, press ALT + F4 (this can also be applied to close some unwanted running files or program)

Or another alternate way, that is, go to RUN, type Shutdown -s -t 0

Some of it doesn't work on Win7. But nevermind, you can always try these tips out to enhance your computer so that it looks advance or whatever think it is.

P/S - I really love these features because it can make my lappy looks very kinda wow-amazing because i don't have to move my cursor to the start button and go to this and there to shut my lappy down. i just have to click on the shortcut given. very useful!!
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