Saturday, 20 August 2011


Now, let's talk about PHISHING MAIL ~sounds like fishing to me. Indeed!~

Everytime i open my mail, i will always check on my spam mail. this where i can see all B******T selling an i-don't-know-what-the-hell-is-it product, telling me i won a lottery or something2 and many things. Well, put that aside.~don't want to write about mails i received~

I had talked about PHISHING MAIL on my previous post, so this time, i'll show you how this phishing mail tricks you.

I have received this alert email from Maybank2u. 

So, i opened it, the mail stated that;

They are performing account maintenance and that they want me to reactivate my account. ~Budus!!!~

So, if you look closely, they will give you the link to
~kononla~. If you are unaware about this, then you might click on the link given without noticing the actual link or where you'll be directed to.

I give you an example. So, i clicked on the link given.

You should have looked at the link given and the weblink. When i hover my mouse over the link, what shown at the bottom of the page??

http: //mfm2une3.add .com/mb2um1. htm ~hahaha!! kantoi~

TOTALLY CRAP! once you click the link, you will be directed to the page which is actually the fake page
~the webpages look really similar~.

These are the pages. Compare both pages and you'll understand why sometimes people can be deceived
~err! if you one of those laa~

See! see! same right! the only difference is the web address. If you fill in your username+password, then you will be automatically giving away your username+password to the third party unconsciously.

In some cases, once the users fill their
username+password and hit log-in, an error will occur during the browsing, so the time they refresh the page, they will be directed to the original page and have to fill the details again, they won't notice if they don't know about this.

I used google chrome to open the webpage because when i opened it using mozilla, mozilla firefox will automatically do this;

I can ignore the warning if i want to but i decide not to, so i used google chrome.

To avoid from being a victim;

一番, Ignore all the mail/SMS you received from any other internet banking online service providers. They don't commit such action to inform/ clarify or gain their customer's account via either email or mobile phone.

第二, Always look at the hyperlink when you hover the mouse. You will see where the link leads you.

三つ, Just delete the mail. So it wont bother you anymore.

四つ, Actually you can think what action you can do. Teehee!!

P/s: I play along with their fake page because i like it. That's why i keep reveiving the mails with different  webaddress. TERBAEKLA!! hehe
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