Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I hate GBE strings

Time to replace all the strings. Not that all the strings worn out, just feel like changing them all. A new look might do my darling.

The most hated thing is tuning the GBE strings. Like seriously I don't know why 'em so hard to adjust.

The first EAD strings are just so easy. But the next GBE strings... all hell break lose. That's too damn hard!

Is it just me or others also probably have the same problem.

Everytime I tune those high three strings, there must be something went off. The sound is just too damn out-of-tune... 

I don't have tuner so just have to tune it by ear which isn't that sensitive to  the slightest  off-key.

Am not an expert musician, me has no damn talent but when it comes to my hobby, I took it seriously... I am compassionate fella.

Ahaks.. thanks for spending time and reading all that B*lls*it lies. lalalala~

Yaw! thou sudah bertukar warna sejak sekian lama tidak diganti

What I did was just some simple cleaning and replacing all the strings with some little tuning here and there as long as it sounds fine and I don't hear a "ripple" when I strum the strings altogether. Ehe... ehe.. ehehehehe... ok! ketawa minta penampar.

5th fret tuning method what you called it. A very common and simplest method, I could say. But still, i hate GBE strings.

Is there another way to tune the strings? oh yes we have... a lot but I just don't have the mood to rant about it, so I wont because music is not my thingy. I'm just killing time with music.

Tadaa... These are the new strings...

Yohooo.. tali baru

P/S : And here me ranting 
 stupid  and  nonsensical tale because I just don't have anything to say. Brrr! Like you care either.
Warning Shots:


  1. kalau x de tuner mmg susah.. download je apps untuk tuner. ada banyak.. :)

    1. takpe la.. asal bunyi tak sumbang boleh la tu.. nak download2 lagi.. diri ini terase malas.


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