Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award: Seven random facts about me

-Thanks the person who gave you this award.
- Include a link to their blog.
-Select 15 blogs/bloggers you've recently discovered/followed regularly.
- Nominate these 15 to the Versatile Blogger Award.
- Tell the person who nominated you with seven things about yourself.

And, here I go. First thing first, thanks Miss Fatyn for tagging me. It's been a long while I haven't written post that I will publish on the spot, just like this.

Let's cut to the chase, here are seven random facts about me ~which I believe are not worth reading~;

1.  SEVEN is the favourite number.

For no reason. But, I still couldn't figure it out until now why this number is an apple in my eyes.

2. I hate the letter L.
I also dont know why. Turn the L upside down, you get the ugly seven. yucks!

3. Heavy sleeper.
Give me a pillow and boom, I'm done! Landing in the world of fantasy (rarely dream though). 

4. Lazy as f*ck. 
Uhm... I rather spend my whole day on my bed. Rolling on my mattress do nothing except sleeping and watching anime.

5. Sweet tooth.
Chocolate makes me happy by the way. It gives me this funny feeling.

6. Anime/Manga lover.
One piece FTW, Gintama, Naruto, Bleach, Shingeki no kyojin, etc. etc.... Name it. I just can't get rid of my old habit. I am way too old for anime and such, but who cares!

7. Have tons to say but can only write this much. 

So, that's the kind of person I am. My mind wants to say many things but turns out to be this little. Screw that!Too lazy to type that b*lls*it, so yeah... this short post suggested it.

Last but not least, tagging another 15 bloggers i followed. So here are they;

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15. GoGeous Lover -

Not necessarily to write in English though, you can write in Malay too. WTH?!

P/s: no p/s.

Warning Shots:


  1. Haha. Kelakar btul 7 fakta tentg awk. Ape2 pn sy dah tahu knpa Awak suka number 7. So jawapannya Awak pn xtau knapa. Hik3. Aduyai..

    Jom join contest. Berakhir 12 am esok

  2. thnks tag. singgah sini :D

  3. thanks tag.. tengok la kalau rajin. x jnji tau.. hehehe
    ada layan citer sword art online..? hehehe

    1. okay.. dah buat..

  4. orait! tak paksa jugak.. sword art online pun layan juga... sekarang ni season 2 dah kan.


    huhu gomen.. sebab lambat


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