Tuesday, 24 May 2011


There's no way in hell i can do that. Even if i can, why should i do it? No! more like, DO I HAVE TIME FOR SUCH A THING? :P

I did some reading about hacking and I came up with my own solution --> LOT'S OF READING SO I DON'T WANT TO READ ANYMORE. Boleh bla!

Anyway, there are some ways which i called it "PROFESSIONAL WAYS" (just me okeh, just me) to hack into someone account such as KEY LOGGERS and PHISHING .

These methods are popular among hackers and the most popular methods used... maybe!! There are also some other ways but i think these two have the highest success rate compare to other methods - feel lazy to mention it here -

I'm not going to go through these kind of methods  thoroughly because... just because.

This method is kinda recording all the keystrokes typed by the victim and send it to the hacker's mail. so, the hacker will easily get the "confidential" details belonged to the victim.

-I always get PHISHING from MAYBANK2U scary! scary!
Phishing is the use of false login page which resembled the original one (very much alike!!!). So, when the victim typed in username and password, the details are stolen away. This method is kinda complicated, i mean, it requires a special knowledge and high level skill to use this method. - really really  gave up because i don't understand a hell thing -

But whatever method it is, still i don't have time to do such unethical act (Ceh! macamla aku boleh buat, tee hee!!) because, i think there are some other ways you can hack into one's account. But very UNPROFESSIONAL WAY la katakan!! But it doesn't cost your a lot. Ayuuhuu!! There we go--

First is, just try. - yeah, try as much as you can even if it takes a year. haha (see,,, waste of time and the success rate is -somewhere near 0)

Second is, took a glance when the later types his/her username and password (then try it.... hahaha-- very the stupid and the success rate is 50-50, u get it, then u have it).

Third, is the easiest way. All you have to do  is asking the user to give his/her username and password (very very very very the easy - success rate is 100 if the later agrees to give you the full details hahaha) -there's no way i'm gonna reveal my u/n and p/w -

Once you got it, what would you do?
Go0d Luck to Beginner Hacker.

P/S - Always thinking to hack into someone account. But who? Dun worry B Happy :)
Ignore the grammatical errors because this is not a language section - fuh~

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