Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Those annoying referrer spams will never stop.

Am not an expert blogger or what so ever, but when it comes to this kind of things, I can count on my instinct ~computer and my instinct have special unexplainable bond~.

Notice or not, your blog will always be visited by these unknown referrer spams. When actually, none is viewing your blog. So, don't be happy when you got a damn big hits by those referral URLs... 

For example;

They do influence your pageviews, unfotunately, they have nothing to do with your pagerank. However, they can reduce your ranking in search engine. ~Superb action~

There's nothing you can do to stop them. You can't block them. Even if Google block them, they'll just change the URL, like a flu virus changing its DNA.... and come and visit your blog.

Even if you keep your blog private, they'll still be your "honor" visitors.

The safest way is ignoring them... Oh yes, you can click on them, just to check but make sure you are not signing in any of your accounts. The best way, is to open them in Incognito windows ~Google Chrome has it, if ye know what I mean~. Or maybe, opening them in private tab (Mozilla Firefox). But if you are dubious, just ignore them.

I am just kinda love to play with this kind of thing, so I did click on the links just to check what's inside... and you see, nothing!

So you just know that, they are nothing but just a bullshit.

Stop clicking on them. That's the only way to make them "stop"...  I mean, sooner or later, they will not be on your referring url lists. Not exactly stopping them.

So keep updating and posting original entry to generate real traffics.

Just an additional info, you know, you can block them using IP address. You see, just install whatever IP blocker products or using html or several this and that... ~grrr.. me finding it's very annoying to explain in details... so I stop here~. Then, there you go... block the hell of them.

Blocking them might help reduce the referrer spamms but you might as well block your potential readers. And also, if they are surfing anonymously, there's no use to block them as well. Haiya!! Every action has its consequence.

As I said, the easiest way is ignoring the referrer spams... let them stay but ignore them, that way, they'll "feel" left out and just slowly slip down from the top traffic.

P/S : Now, check your stats to see are you getting real traffics or just a bogus pageview counts...

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  1. Salam ziarah. Lama tak berkunjung ke sini. :)

    Perkongsian entri ni sangat bagus. Tak pernah pulak saya ambil tahu tentang semua tu. Hahah. Selama ni memang ignore semua.

    1. at least, lepas baca entri ni.. da tau semua :D


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