Sunday, 8 December 2013

You gotta have to bear with it...

As always.. One Piece time...

One Piece 624

We understand that exasperation... hohoho


 Aww Zoro! T'was a harsh compliment. 

Both are my fave... ngehehe *fangirling mode activated


I don't know why I find Usopp adorable...


The pirate alliance... or so he says.

 Friendly advice huh?
Chapter 698

Poor Law


This clown...

He deserved that..
You can kick him after the treatment is finished. So what's the different?


This moment was so... making me hold my breath even though I already knew what's coming next

 Oh yes! Kuzan arrived... on time.

he is, as always, so carefree...

Chapter 698
Oh yeah! Next week, we will have that little pervert in action. Ha ha ha

P/s : I really have a good memory as I am able to remember what chapter is this episode...

Warning Shots:

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