Sunday, 17 April 2011

So hurt it makes me cry... T_T

Yes.. as the title stated... just after i went back from work, i see my most cutely lovely cat struggling to death.
that's kinda hurt me a lot. T_T
yep... the thing is,,, this cat is the one which i, sort of pampering-too-much to the point this cat attached-to-me-so-much in return. so it's hard to let her go but i have to. every living things going to die anyway.
mau nda mau, terima jak [moping mood]
Warning Shots:


  1. bawak banyak bersabar ok...
    setiap yang idop pasti akan mati..

    adopt la kittens baru.. =)

  2. tula...
    tp biarla... suda jalan pun. mo buat apa lg.
    bnyk lg juga kucing aku yg baru


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