Monday, 18 November 2013

Wey... they're just the same ghost

First time I saw this picture in 2004, I was like "waaa~~ he captured the ghost image" 

Note : This picture was taken in 2001 in China

I was just an innocent cute naive little kid and so I thought it was real.

For the past few years, I kinda have this interest on ghostly things. With a strong desire I look up several ghost images captured in the internet when I came across that picture again with several versions.

 This is superimpose? It doesn't look like one.
Photoshop level : FAILED!

This time, around the graveyard.

Lekki Peninsula in Lagos, Nigeria ~She sure loves to travel~

After a long time, she finally made friend.

It's  Photoshop. Which one is the real one I don't have any idea.~err... to me, it's not real aa~

A/N : Maybe some of the pictures are used as a parody because of its repeated use.

Courtesy of Google Image.

P/S : This sheet is funny

Warning Shots:


  1. hm....however , the ghost pic make me shiver a bit...huhuhu


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