Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sanji & His Wanted Poster

Sanji terrible fate begun

One Piece Ep. 320
First time he got his bounty.
How he was so excited to see his bounty but then,

One Piece Ep. 321/ Chap. 436
Got so depressed over his wanted poster.

Zoro added fuel to the fire XD

One Piece Ep. 365
Even Luffy acknowledged that (unconsciously)

One Piece Ep. 388/ Chap. 494
Finally they met the real deal.

That's a very cold greeting...

One Piece 510/ Chap. 593
Like it or not, he has to admit it's him.

Him coughing blood is no lie
What a fate...

P/S: Reviewing back is so much fun. Never get bored with One Piece.
Warning Shots:

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