Sunday, 14 September 2014

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So to speak, these students bought me "Tiramisu cake" as they told me ~ah, it was my last day at the school, kinda farewell lil party~. 
~I'm gonna make this by myself I swear~

Since I fucking love sweet things, ~amma sweet tooth damn yeah~ so I happily accepted. Luckily I still have my self control, or else am gonna scream in that teacher's room. 

And then, we had unofficial photoshoot session. Nothing much but just snapping pictures here and there.

*click image to enlarge

They asked me to wear that big rayban glass so I did!


She thought she was takin' a picture when actually... it was a damn video!

These came out right!

And some random picas...



With another random video...


Something was wrong with these two girls, ignored 'em!



They are all just some random people with random behaviours.


Once upon a time, in a stranded class...

Weyh! study bah study!

P/S : They just love taking pictures

Warning Shots:

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