Friday, 9 May 2014

You found your way sneaking into my life again

I thought we will never meet again
But who knows what awaits ahead
In the end, we meet again
Not that I hate you,

But the trouble you gave me once
Was more than enough
You failed me
or was it the other way around
But I still don't hate you

Stil, I'm not so sure.
But, that's enough.
Your s*its, I've had enough
Again, couldn't bring my self to hate you

Then we meet again.
Here and now, or maybe days ahead
Pestering my life for how long I can't tell
I really don't like it, but I still take it
But again... I still can't hate you

Oh! Math
Welcome back!
But I will never like you

P/S : Now that we meet again, please have mercy on me

Warning Shots:

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