Sunday, 22 December 2013

That Nicknames...

One Piece 626 (Filler)
(Animated images)

Although it's filler (I heard there will be three episodes included this one), it still can make me laugh that hard.

These Oh! adorable characters; Usopp & Chopper

When the monster woke up...

And this is where...
Usopp... his new nickname...
Hana-ya!! XD


This guy just made a nickname for Chopper too...

Tanuki-ya.. XD

He doesn't learn isn't he?


Ngehehehe... that peeping habit!!!

That priceless face... Law... ~unfortunately this is filler -_-~

You'll never see this kind of expression from this serious guy unless... >> he <<

P/S : This filler is good too. And I like it very much. At least, the filler isn't like that Naruto certain anime.
Warning Shots:

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