Sunday, 22 December 2013

Typical human behaviours

1. Tersepak batu, salahkan batu.

2. Jatuh longkang, marahkan longkang.

3. Tertinggal bas, salahkan bas (bukan pemandu bas).

Siapa yang buat salah, siapa yang tanggung kesalahan.

Pernah fikir mau salahkan diri sendiri?

This is just a small picture, wanna picture the biggest one, look at your life.

Not all the things happen in your life berpunca dari orang lain. Maybe it's you who create the trouble in the first place.


Yes it's easy to blame everything on the west
Well in fact all focus should be on ourselves
Maher Zain -Awaken

P/S : Ho ho ho... this is self-motivation.
Warning Shots:

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  1. So true.but sometime, contohnya kita tertinggal bas, "kalaulah aku awal sikit" but nothing change if we blame our self (and other).. have to change..


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