Saturday, 23 November 2013

Shang Kyu very hamnida for all the birthday wishes :)

Me at home already...

Mucho Gracias for all the birthday wishes...

* Updated (25 Nov 2013) 
Well, I also got another birthday wishes from them, it's not that late. So I think, it's okay to put them here. Late or not, they are still good du'a and wishes which do me good right?

JK! both of you!

Arigatteey gozaimashitayo minna-san!

me gusta very much...

Am not that jahat, but gimme hadiah bebeh! 

Tis an order ~nda bersyukurkan? lempang saja~

P/S : err.. I did some editing because the original picture was... tulisan untuk semut.
Warning Shots:


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