Thursday, 18 August 2011

TREAT your EYES harshly! =Part 4=


some  other pictures coming up to see.
How to view the image??

1- look at the picture and just stare at it. the best spot is the in middle. so, focus over there.
2- Keep staring until your eyes go slightly out of focus. You'll see various form of patterns.
3- Stay as it is, then you'll slowly be able to view the first image. 

Btw, mind your distance. find a very good and comfortable distance for the eyes, not so close, not too far.

Once you get to see the image, you won't have any problem to view another images.

Let's see what do we have here...

a man is drinking

Pills emerged

$ symbol


If you cannot see the image, that doesn't mean you fail. 

Good luck!!!

Disclaimer: All materials are taken from other websites. 

P/s: i really really really really love this game.
Warning Shots:

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