Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ooopss.. messed up!

Best friend forever...

This is how real buddies treat each other...

Okita : Let's just endure this for today -drink a liter of soy sauce and die, Hijikata, you bastard.

Hijikata : It only sounds irritating when you do it.

Okita: Wow, the Commander sure is popular. The ignorant masses follow her every where she goes -fall off a cliff and die, Hijikata you bastard.

Hijikata: What's up with that song? It sounds like it's making fun of us -get beaten up and die under protection, Okita.

Okita: That's called being overly self-conscious. It just sounds like a sweet love song to me -go to the next world by gas poisoning, Hijikata.

Hijikata: It feels like our image is just going from bad to worse -fall off a cliff and die Okita.

Okita: What do we do if there's a terrorist attack? We don't have our swords -soak in hot water and boil to death, Hijikata.

Hijikata: I don't care anymore -moomin. Let's kill Okita.

Okita: Die, Hijikata.

Hijikata: Die, Okita.

Okita: Die, Okita...oops, messed up...Hijikata.

Gintama Ep.56      
Warning Shots:


  1. such a long time,,i didn't watch anime or reading manga

    1. Do it once in a while, it will surely help you reduce stress


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