Saturday, 27 August 2011

The reason I...

I have been totally totally totally tired for the past few days without doing nothing. 

Not even updating my blog nor write it before hand and auto publish. aiya!! bulan posa, aku lazy ooo.

Then with an extremely unmotivated self, i looked into my old photos during my U days.

Then, i spotted a pic of me and my chinggu...

Guess this picture really represents our respective side. muahahaha~~

Hmph~~ bru aku perasan, kami memang suka main dalam kelas bila lecturer lambat masuk.

Someone else drew the sayap2 things and we just acted. oo~

Aahhh~ miss those days.

P/S: Isn't she supposed to be an  angel?? why the butterfly???
Warning Shots:

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