Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Super Stylo Swordsmaster cutting booger and snot

It is as it is

Oh! Zoro and Law are my fav brotp! 

The thing is, Oda uses the old idea way back in chapter 111... maybe the 14 years old's idea... and he uses it again in the latest chapter (760). ~Great Oda never forgets!~

And here I am, opening my ranting about the latest chapter.... *roll drum*


My real concern is the small panel of Usopp and Bepo there... lol.

And Oda will... he will reveal Doffy's past in another chapter, maybe... but I much prefer Law's first because it had been mentioned earlier on, way before Doffy.

And this fucking bastard, still ranting on about his noble blood! How he cares too much about his noble bloodline...

What past is past Doffy. No matter how asshole you are, I still like you.

Why Oda? Why you have to be so cruel?????????? It's been months ever since you brought up about Law's past. And still nothing up till now.... ~That Odacchi bastard must be laughing right now. I kinda get the feeling.~

Law’s forever awaiting mysterious past
And again, this new chapter, nothing about Law’s past. Oda sure is sitting and laughing right now.

Such a tease. Pretty sure he did this on purpose. 

P/s : But, I can wait. Like I always do. I have been with this manga for almost 15 years… so waiting for like ten twenty chapters are nothing… teehee!
~I'm talking about this shit ^~

And, it is 760 already... the torture~~

And not to mention, Fujitora. He isn't blind as what he appears to be.
It's a relief to know that this admiral places his bet on Pirates! I wish he can give a hand, like Smoker does.

Not so much about Sabo, but I was greeted with the sight of duck-face Sabo!!!! OMFG!! I laugh at this, so laugh!
Why do girls treat the men like this??? Poor you Sabo...

And oooooooooooo Toraaaaaaaaoooooooooooooo!!!! 
How many holes you have in that body of yours already????? Why Oda has to torture this Super hot sexy guy... He suffers a lot already!!

One Piece Chap 760

P/S: And... here I am, drabble nonsense about my obsession. Pay no mind or else, you might hate me!

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