Thursday, 6 November 2014

So, Naruto just ended T.T

The last two chapters are released today. 

Although it pissed me off how it ended, the fact that I no longer have to wait for it next week is a bit... well, I'm quite touched.

Been with Naruto for years, since 2001-2002... that somehow, it stuck with me.

Tch... just forget about that unnecessary get-me-so-much-feels story. It ends so it ends. I still have One piece and gintama.



Kakashi tho...

Kishimoto tribute to One Piece and let's see how Oda makes one...


Panda eyes Gaara
Naruto/ Chapter 699 - 700

P/S: Here lies Neji . Jeez... what's with these feels... It's annoying.

Warning Shots:

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