Thursday, 18 September 2014

Crazy over this...

Yeah! I don't feel ashamed about it. I'm happy I'm crazy over One Piece.

I was waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting for One Piece chapter 761 ever since yesterday.

It just released minutes ago and I was like...

Soooo many feeeelllllssssssssssss I can't take it anymoreee!

But ahhh!!! this is just sooo sooo soo 

And the most awaiting plot, that is Law's past... eh, wait...well, I don't think it is, but since Law was there too, maybe Oda decides to just tell Law's past through Doffy's...



And Kora-san.... the one he mentioned long time ago...

Will get to know more about him later... in the next next chapters of course

That's him... 

He's weird I think...

Yeah, he is...

So fucking weird!

Ahh~~ poor my lil baby!

Now I wonder how Law can be so fond of him or maybe the other way around!

But either way, Law cherishes him too much, and that's what I want to know moooooreeee!

but this, 

I feel like

Please skip next week!!!

One Piece/ Chapter 761

P/S: That's impossible...

Warning Shots:

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