Friday, 13 December 2013

YouTube : The uploader has not made this video available in your country

What's this? Another discrimination?

Ugh! anyway, there are certain what-so-ever who are kinda stingy to share er.. whatever it is that you wanna watch. It is? I don't know. But I kinda hate it...

This... I HATE most.. F*ck off you bastard!

 For whatever reasons, if you have this issue, here's the solution.

It's nothing b*ll$#!+ and it works...

Just open

Dunno how long will this site last

Copy the restricted youtube address and paste it over there ~where to?~ and you'll be able to watch the video.

This can also be used to >> bypass internet filtering << that is often used in certain universities or your workplace and bla.. bla.. you know it... I haven't tried this yet. If the proxy does not block this type of sites, then you'll be able to browse this or otherwise, you won't.

It's simple, all yer hafta do is copy whatever blocked address that you want to get an access to... and surf anonymously.

So far this is the only working proxy site that is still available. Others such as, so on so forth have been banned maybe.. well, they did work two years ago...

And if you are "diligent" enough to go search for any free proxy sites, you might find a good one.

I just hope whatever I shared here is not a sin. '3'

P/S : And I don't know why am I bullshitting here. It's 12.03, in the morning...  maybe I am tired so I just typed randomly or whatever passed my brain...Off to sleep. Ja ne~
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