Friday, 13 December 2013

Oh No! Who's upstairs?

Ow.. F*.. who's upstairs? I am here alone in my house. All alone. 

I was just about to sleep and now I heard lot of noises upstairs. They are playing there... and I won't bring my self upstairs to see because I know what I'll see.

It sounded like they are moving the chairs, moving the cupboards, hammering here and there and also sounds of footsteps as they are running. Hello! That room is quite small to have a party... wahai jin2 sekalian...

It's annoying okay. I'm trying to sleep, arseholes....

Now, you woke me up with that fuhkin noises...

Deim!! time ramai2 nda pula dorang bergaya, time aku seorang2 juga dorang mau mengada2. 

Pasang ayat2 Ruqyah karang ada mengamuk di atas tu berlarian turun ke bawah.

But, since I don't want to see things that I shouldn't have seen in the first place, nda la mau cari gaduh.

Let them be happy sementara ni... esok lusa parents aku balik, dorang senyaplah tu. Cis!

And I posted this for what?

Yeah! Screaming out my FRUSTRATION!!!!! ~Mute~

Mereka masih membuat bising the time I ended this entry... Fuh! It's hard to be "good"

Warning Shots:

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