Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Breakfast with one piece.

One Piece Chapter 731

Just yesterday I posted this on my FB wall. ~OK Nvr mind! I posted things like this almost every wednesday or tuesday, or nearly the time the chapter is released~

And just this morning, I woke up and read One Piece. Again, it is released too early than Bleach and Naruto. And I love it so much.

This chapter seriously... It is so surprisingly unexpected and fun to read. And... and.. and... am so happy that I'm rolling on the floor

Usopp... too confident he is.

We have this cute Bartolomew... might as well help them in this arc.

 faint? seriously... he is funny.

Turning around so that he won't see Luffy's eyes. Hohoho

And revolutionary army is also present.

And the last thing that make this chapter for this week is so so so super duper extremely amazing is this part...

This is so can't be real, but so real!!

Who do you expect?


am I wrong?


Dem u Odacchi... 

P/S : What... am I starting to make chapter review?... Nope!
Warning Shots:

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