Monday, 27 August 2012

Trip to Simpang Mengayau Kudat

 Aduh... tajuk punya skema gila! 
~kala-kala budak sekolah rendah punya tajuk kerja rumah... Argh~

That is why it is called the TIP OF BORNEO

It's been a long time i haven't set my foot at Simpang Mengayau. I think, almost five years although i just live nearby... call it, laziness... muahaha...

And so, the 3rd Raya, we went to Simpang Mengayau. It's an unplanned plan. we just went there and BOOM! we got there... And i thought, there will be lot of changes ever since. BIG CHANGES so i thought, but who cares about the changes, as long as the views are still the same, it's no different to me at all. But yes, there are lot of changes i don't even care to notice.

It was just a simple trip yet it was fun.
Nice... just the same


Wanna bath?

And another ...

I think i know those two guys wearing black shirt

Not sure what is this called but it looks like a Starfish with  centipede-look-alike tentacles
As always, nature is the best medicine. Love these views...

Really love Crepuscular rays

Ah! Interframe?

And another Crepuscular rays

Watching sunset is the best!!!

Another moment that shall be treasured.

Hmm? Where are the others??


P/S : Hari Raya memang best!

Warning Shots:

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