Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Jang geun suk lagi! What to do?? I'm soo into him

I don't like the baby. I only like him.

Always him.
Even if he likes the baby, i will not because... just because.

  ~OMG! he is thousand times cuter  than the baby~
It's not the baby i want to talk about. It's about Jang.
Since i'm addicted to him, i am also addicted to one of his songs.
The song titled "부탁해, My Bus! a.k.a "Take care, My Bus!from "Mary stay out all night OST". ~haven't got the chance to watch this drama yet~

This song is really good. I keep listening to the song and never get bored

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P/S : Just wonder how long am i gonna shipping him. Guess, this year is his turn. Last year i was sooo into Yamada Takayuki and Dennis Oh. I'm not a loyal fan though.
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