Sunday, 11 January 2015

I am a pathetic One Piece lover

I wanted to write this post long time ago but always forgot since I was kinda busy with some assignments for the past months (and luckily I am free now).

Well, it's not that important anyway. 

Two years ago, I bought Chopperman

So the story ended there.


Nope... this is the real story. Teehee ~yeah! like you wanna read me scribbling nonsense~

Last year, I asked my cousin who stayed at Johor (was it? I don't remember), to buy me these. 

'em heads are dancing... lalala

I wanted Zoro and Chopper but she said, no Zoro, so I told her to just buy Luffy and Chopper ~Wait, is that how the story goes? I don't remember...~.Well, I don't mind to buy the whole SH members if they have it, but since these were the only figures left, so, just grabbed 'em before somebody did.

Last week,  I went to this store with my lil bro to buy some more stuff for my car. 

So, am not gonna forget to visit this one particular store which sells lotsa stickers for car. 
There are lot of One Piece stickers (and Naruto too) but since I want one piece and only one piece for my deary... yeah... I just pick one piece.

But almost all of the stickers were the image before the timeskip.
So, I bought several stickers and successfully put them on my car. 

no image

But, what I had previously wasn't that enough and I still want more. So, when I came again last week, I bought some more stickers...

So after some "work" done... tadaaa!!!~~

The back view. 

~duh! click for larger image~

^ though I bought these stickers last year.

The front view

^ these are the new one I bought last week.

Not so much of a change but hey, I rather love the logo in the front. Because Law's logo is there... ~Ah, you boss! Why you have no Kid's? That will be perfect - the top three captains-. Instead of Zoro, I want to put Kid's insignia there, but well... I can just replace it and buy a new Zoro's once I have Kid's~

There are still some stickers left (Brook's, Nami's, Chopper's and Franky's jolly roger), I just don't know where to put them. Maybe, I should stick them on my father's car instead? He didn't seem to mind when I put Zoro's in his car. lol. Okay, I'll think about that later.

Last time, the owner did say he can make whatever design we wanted as long as we provide the image. But damn, the boss wasn't even there, so the thought of discussing about it was just my dream ~still have another time though not sure when can I go there again~

Well, next time I meet the big boss, I want him to design the big one for the door ~I left the door empty for that purpose~. No, I will ask him to print the one I have designed myself. And also, I will have him to print images I have provided. Yeah! I should do that... y I hv no thought about it? Oh, I know. I was too excited so I forgot all of my plans.


Also, on the 9th, we went to pick up my sister at the airport, and guess what, SHE BOUGHT ME ANOTHER CHOPPERMAN!!!! Yeayyy~~~

And now, I have two CHOPEPRMEN in my car... Ahhh~ What a bliss. 

Hmmm... maybe, I should buy another one piece deco. This actually isn't enough. I want my car to have one piece environment.

P/S: Ugh... I don't even mind where my money goes into... I know it's hard to earn. But I don't think it's a waste since I can see my money there. :3

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