Saturday, 29 November 2014

Problem solved: Problem opening Microsoft OneNote application

Referring to this entry, after I had published the post, onenote community had responded to my tweet regarding my problem. Mind you, networkblogs automatically published all my blog and tumblr on twitter and facebook which is quite handy because I don't have to do it by myself. 

Enough ranting, what I want to say is actually, the Onenote community suggested a method to solve the problem.

Though I was a bit late to notice this. (I rarely go on twitter, I rarely rarely do). So by the time I saw this, I already solved my own problem. So, I didn't get the chance to try this method. I believe this is a shortcut to my ever long method.

All I did was, cleaning all the .temp files in my computer (local c/windows/temp) and then some other TEMP folders that I found in every path (sometimes Diskcleanup cannot do this, so I have to do it manually). And then, I know I should't do this, but I also deleted all the files in the prefetch folder (local c/windows/prefetch).

Aaaannndd... it works like magic. So, I don't have to run as an administrator to open the program ~which is a pain in the ass where you have to wait and click, yeah! it's a butthurt~

P/S: Hmmm... I will try the suggested method if I were to have this problem again.

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