Monday, 17 November 2014

Problem opening Microsoft OneNote application : OneNote is unable to start

So, I was trying to open my Office One note application (I like this program actually). I normally have no problem opening it, but then something happened and suddenly this warning appeared. 

I was confused at first, this never happened before. So, I cleaned up my disk space, hoping that I would be able to open it some time later. But unfortunately it didn't. The same warning message appeared again.

This got me upset. Hey, I am the admin here... but then it came to my mind... if this has something to do with administrator, then I can just run as administrator right?

With  that little knowledge I have combined with the guidance of my instinct, what I did was,

Right -lick on the One Note icon --> properties

A windows as below will appear,

Tick the "Run this program as an administrator"

Granted, it worked!

Probably this isn't that much, but if you were happened to stumble upon the same problem, then, this is one of the solutions. 

Probably there are still some ways to do it without having to "run the program as admin" and currently I'm trying to figure it out.

If I disable the option, I still get the same warning message.

Updated: 29/11/14

P/S: When it comes to this matter, I rely too much on my instinct. It's weird! But this instinct saved my laptop many times.

Warning Shots:

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