Friday, 17 October 2014

So beautiful I don't mind crying

At first, I lol too much 


^ That face... 

Consider those above are sweet moments between Law and Cora... more to come I assume.

And... and... and.... a little bit lil Law moment with Buffalo and Baby 5
Law is really a child, bribing Buffalo with another ice cream, and borrowing money from Baby 5... Wonder if he pays back the debt... hmm... maybe no.

... and near the end, I can't keep the tears from falling.

What Corazon does for Law is just too much. Too much it hurts me especially when we already know about Corazon "in the future". Let me peppering my emotion with Cora and Law moments for a while...

My heart hurts...  


I think I understand why Doffy killed Corazon.
It's hurt to even think about it. It's gonna be another tearjerker chapter/s  soon... very soon.  

Next time, I should prepare a handkerchief towel next to me to blow my nose. 

One Piece 764

P/S: Cora and Law story reminds me of a story I watched long time ago. I vaguely remembered but it was the man who pretended to be mute after he witnessed his brother killed his parents. And then he tried to save a boy from choosing the same path as his brother had which ended his own life in his brother's hand. And the boy... I don't remember what happened to that boy.

Warning Shots:

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