Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mood Dragon Ball datang balik

Ohohoho... sekarang tengah dalam mood tengok Dragon Ball Kai pula. Hey but I still stick to One Piece lor... 

I fucking swear this anime is a legend ~Doraemon?~

If things keep going like this, I really need to... I mean, I MUST buy a 2TB external, for the sake of my collection...

Argh! Why oh why... I need to do something about my anime over-obsession ~Deep inside, I said no! Just let it be~

P/S : Owh come one! No one cares if I kept posting about my fave anime here...

Warning Shots:


  1. Ayah saya dan adik2 suka tgk one piece, kadang2 saya terjebak juga hehe. Saya singgah menabung nuffnang sikit :)


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