Saturday, 8 February 2014

Resuming interrupted download without restarting from the very beginning

Just when you are about to finish your download, something happened that your download suddenly stopped downloading.

Then you hit the "Pause" button and restart the download.
OK... fine, the download resumes. 

But what if, when you hit the "resume" button, a warning "cannot resume" appears.

Like this,

or this,

Depends on your Download Manager.

Don't "RESTART" or "REMOVE" the download file.

You still can resume the download from where its stops even though you've got such alert.

All you have to do is, go to the sites (where you download the file) and copy back the download URL.

Back to your download manager,

"Pause" the current download.

Right-click and go to "Properties"

This windows will appear.
Paste the new URL you just copied into the URL field.

Click "RESUME" and see the result?

Same things you can apply if you use IDM or Orbit Downloader. ~OK! Because I used those so, I just mentioned them. But I think, you can apply this to any download manager you use.~

The reason you "cannot resume" because the download link has expired. So in order to resume, you need to refresh the link. ~There are so much I want to explain but I don't think you care either, so I keep that for myself lor~ 

Even so, there'll be several websites that this trick won't work. I'm not sure which one because I haven't encountered them yet.

But so far, this works just fine and the file is not corrupted either.

P/S : Amboi title aku... panjang sey!

Warning Shots:

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