Thursday, 7 November 2013

TREAT your EYES harshly! =Part 11=

Ahhh~~ It's been a long time I haven't posted about this lil tricky picture...

Here comes another several pictures that will surely force you to squeeze your eyes & brain to get the real image hidden behind the patterns.



Did you see the repeated-X joining each other to form a i-don't-know pattern?

How many cup of coffee are you going to serve? 1 or 5?
Can you see the real message? It says "Stop wasting your time, go get a life"

I'm looking for a unicorn... 

Just some interesting fact, you won't be able to see the 3D image with just one eye. You need both eyes. I tried it! when I saw the image emerged, I shut one eye and the image turned flat again the way you see it for the first glance.

Courtesy of google.

Warning Shots:


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