Saturday, 10 September 2011

TREAT your EYES harshly! =Part 5=

Atarashi pictures!!!!!
How to view the image??

1- look at the picture and just stare at it. the best spot is the in middle. so, focus over there.
2- Keep staring until your eyes go slightly out of focus. You'll see various form of patterns. It's normal thing. You won't get blind.
3- Stay as it is, then you'll slowly be able to view the first image. 

Btw, mind your distance. find a very good and comfortable distance for the eyes, not so close, not too far. 
- just a copy paste from the previous post- 

 arara!  it looks like an eye yet it also looks like a deep hollow


Heart shape

 too many sharks O_o

By the way, there is also other way to view these images. Like certain someone told me  " dekat ngan screen, kasi juling sikit, nampak la tu". Sounds like a funny statement yet it is true. very simple. lol.

Disclaimer: All materials are taken from other websites.

p/s: dear certain someone, thanks for the respond!

Warning Shots:

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