Sunday, 3 November 2013

Horror movies turn funny

These are movies I've watched because people claimed them to be the most horror movie. So, I tried.

Ju On
One missed call
The Conjuring
The exorcism of Emily Rose
The Ring
*This is not from movie

Tiada yang lagi seramkah?

There are still a lot more but I just don't know what the title... ~not that important though~
I thought it will be hell scary that I'll piss in my pant. Nonetheless, they weren't. How  disappointing! 

No matter how horror the movie is, we, the whole family will laugh at it, because it's so funny.

From what I had experienced, none of them look like those in the pictures. harharhar

I wish, I can find a very good horror/scary movie that leaves me a nightmare. Come on! bring it on.

All pictures are courtesy of Google Image

P/S : Is there anything that I missed?

Warning Shots:

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