Wednesday, 30 January 2013

YOU and I

When you take a long time, you are slow
    But when I take a long time, I am thorough

When you do not do it, you are lazy
     But when I do not do it, I am busy

When you do something without being told, you are overstepping your bounds
     When I do something without being told, that is  initiative

When you strongly give your side, you are bullheaded
     But when I do it, I am being firm

When you please the boss, you are polishing the brass
     When I please the boss, that is cooperation

When you overlook a rule of etiquette, you a rude
     But when I skip a few rules, I am original

When you get ahead, you are getting the breaks
     But when I manage to get ahead, it is hard work

Funny? Or is it?

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