Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Blabbering~~ Switching Windows~~

Oh! it's a new year. It's been a long time i hadn't wrote about computer things. Well, it's excusable, that because, I'm still in the process of learning about computer. So, i cannot really post something that i have little knowledge about. 

For now, i can only share a little nice trick that you can do for your laptop, notebook or PC. Err.. applicable for Windows Vista, 7, 8. Some might don't know bout this stuff and some might already know ~but, who cares anyway~ .

- this enables you to flip one windows to another windows in 3D form. Very nice. All ya hafta do is holding WINDOWS button and hit TAB button to switch from windows to windows.

- this enables you to switch from one windows to another windows in a very simple grid thumbnails. Hit the TAB button while holding the ALT key.

And, that's all for it. Teehee~~

P/S: good things come for those who wait. wait... it's just another excuse. My my...
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