Monday, 15 August 2011

FUNNY SIGNBOARDS~another signs~

What if... when you are walking or driving, you come across these signboards?? What would be your reaction??
Which way is one way?

What machine has brain?

can they be more polite?

This is suck!!

 Woah! really dangerous~~ -_-//


 children? hunting??--> could it be hunting children??

Ha.. hah.. hah.. hah.. 
luckily i never bumped into this kind of signboard! ~sigh~

This is all about how you use the language. English is so interesting though!~other languages too~ Playing with the language is also fun~~

Disclaimer: All information, contents and pictures were taken from other websites. i do not own nor do i create this. This is only for sharing purpose. I do not gain any profit from it.

P/S: If i ever cross these ind of signs, i might smack my head to the wall~ smoothly!!

Warning Shots:

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