Wednesday, 10 August 2011


What the hell is the balloon tip? 

IDK how to explain it correctly because i don't have the basic of this computer thing, Well, at least i know a little. It just popped out in my mind. Yeah! just pop out. It is a thing that sometimes appears in the tray icon to notify you something about... maybe the current condition of your computer or maybe a running program. Not sure either. but, i'm not going to explain thoroughly about the balloon tip~because i don't know much~. i only want to share with you, how to disable this balloon tip, if you think it is annoying. ~for some reasons, it annoys  me to the point i want to smash my lovely lappy, but i don't lol. i still love my lappy bah~

You can turn off the balloon tips by,

1. Go to START --> REGEDIT ~you have to play with regedit a lot, so if you are unsure about regedit, i suggest you don't ever try~

2. Once the Registry Editor window appears, navigate to the below path;


3. Create a DWORD value of EnableBalloonTips by right-clicking the right side pane and give it a value of 0 to disable or 1 to enable.

OK. That's it. 

P/S: I love playing with REGEDIT ever since i knew it. Why? because lots of thing i can do to customize my lappy.
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